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Trash, yard waste and recycling pickup

The Town of Cary picks up household garbage and recycling items on Thursday mornings.  Workmen will empty up to two trash cans located behind each unit.  Place recycling containers along with your recycling container along the street in front of your unit.  Place trash bags that do not fit into your trash cans along with large trash items along with the recycling container.  Reasonably shield trash from view at all times.  The Town of Cary picks up yard waste each Monday morning during the spring, summer and fall.  Yard waste includes leaves, sticks, clippings, plant material and other yard waste.   Place yard waste into paper lawn-bags and place the bags on the grass near the street in front of your unit.  Contact the Grounds Committee for more details.



Parking within Rosewall has always been a valuable limited resource.  Each unit has two assigned parking places.  If you have a temporary need for more than two spaces, please contact a neighbor for permission to temporarily share their spot.  Please remember to park only on your assigned parking pad or driveway.  Homeowners may not park or drive across any lawn, plant bed or non-paved surface.  Homeowners are responsible to the actions of their family, visitors and contractors.


Speed Limit

The speed limit on Rosewall Lane is 10 mph.  This speed limit was established during the early 1990s in an effort to protect those walking and standing at the mailbox and along the street, especially small children and seniors.


Monthly assessment payments

Monthly assessment payment is due on the first day of each month and is paid either by check or automated ACH deductions from your account.  A late fee of $10 is assessed for payments not received by the 15th of each month.  Make checks payable to Rosewall HOA and deliver each payment to 118 Rosewall Lane, Cary, NC 27511.  However, since most homeowners use the Rosewall auto draft system for convenience and efficiency (see website for more information), each homeowner is encouraged to consider this option. 


Building and grounds repair orders

Rosewall is responsible for the repair and maintenance of most exterior surfaces such as siding, roofs, brick, walks, plants, etc.  If you discover a repair need, please advise Rosewall’s Board as soon as possible by submitting a Repair Order Form (Note: available online).  Please mail the completed Repair Order Forms to 118 Rosewall Lane or deliver the form to the Building Committee chairman.


Grounds maintenance

Rosewall is responsible for maintaining all lawns, shrubs, trees, and other plantings located in front of each home.  Although Rosewall does maintain lawns at the sides and rear of the units, homeowners are encouraged to maintain the plants and landscaping at the side and rear. 


Architectural and landscape changes

Homeowners are permitted to make structural changes to unit exteriors and interiors, and landscape enhancements to plant beds if approved in advance by the Association.  Changes might include adding new plants or flowers, improving your deck or patio, adding new exterior lights, or replacing windows and doors.   Please submit a Request Form (Note: available online) to obtain prior approval for any architectural or grounds change.


Rules and policies

Rosewall has adopted a number of helpful rules and policies over the years to improve the quality of the community.  In addition to the rules and policies, each homeowner is bound by the restrictive covenants and bylaws. You can find most of these governing rules online at the Rosewall website under the section “Rules”.  Rules address issues such as pets, noise, parking, payment, repairs, etc. 



Rosewall maintains an interactive website at  The website provides a community calendar, and all Board minutes, contracts, forms, and other helpful information.  In addition, you will find a community phone directory and a community photo tour including photos of your home.  Contact the secretary for a username and password.


Annual homeowners meeting

Each homeowner is entitled to participate in the annual homeowners meeting.  The meeting is held each November at the Wimbledon Clubhouse.    Homeowners elect new directors, review the business operations from the prior year and conduct other general business.  Official notice is provided approximately 30 days before the meeting.


Rosewall management

Rosewall is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors.   The Board meets regularly throughout the year.  Rosewall has two committees: Grounds Committee and Building Committee.  The Grounds Committee is responsible for managing all issues concerning the ground matters and making grounds policy recommendations to the Board. The Building Committee is responsible for managing all issues concerning building maintenance and making building policy recommendations to the Board.  Although Rosewall has used a professional management company in the past, Rosewall currently self manages its business affairs.


Homeowner’s Insurance policy

The Rosewall restrictive covenants require that each homeowner list the Association as an additional insured on your homeowner’s insurance policy.   Please contact your insurance company to add the following to your homeowner’s policy: Additional Insured: Rosewall Townehome Association, Inc., 118 Rosewall Lane, Cary NC 27511.  The insurance company will then send a certificate to Rosewall for its official file.


Homeowner information sheet

Each homeowner should complete and keep updated the Homeowner Information Sheet.  This information is used for official records and in case of an emergency.



Rosewall homeowners have always believed that a well illuminated neighborhood in the evening helps add safety and deters criminal activity.  Since homeowners are responsible for the proper operation of their lamppost, each homeowner is asked to keep their lamppost in proper working order.  Please keep all lampposts illuminated during evening periods and promptly replace expired bulbs.  Rosewall can replace bulbs for a charge of $25. 



The Town of Cary imposes year round watering restrictions.  Houses with odd house numbers may only water lawns and gardens on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Houses with even house numbers may only water lawns and gardens on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.  Watering is not permitted on Mondays.  Please contact the Grounds Committee for more details.  Homeowners are encouraged to water their front, side and rear lawns when feasible.



If you have a pet, make sure the pet is courteous to your fellow neighbors by picking up pet waste from any common area or another homeowner’s property.


Relationship with Wimbledon HOA

Rosewall homeowners are members of both Rosewall’s and Wimbledon’s homeowners association.  Rosewall’s HOA and Wimbledon’s HOA operate as separate organizations, but work together cooperatively when possible.  Every Rosewall resident is entitled to use Wimbledon’s recreational and common area facilities just like any other Wimbledon homeowner.  You can join the Wimbledon email mailing list at


General rules

Please remember these general rules:


  • Make no changes to your landscaping, changes to the exterior of your home, or structural changes to the interior without first obtaining approval from the Association.
  • No parking on or driving across any grass or flower bed area.
  • Clean-up after your pet.
  • Park only in designated parking spaces unless permission is obtained from your neighbor to use their parking spot.
  • Speed limit is 10 MPH on the street.
  • No solicitation is allowed.
  • Guest parking on the street is allowed on a temporary basis if street traffic is not impeded
  • Keep your porches, decks and rear yard area in clean and neat condition.
  • Keep your yard lamppost in good working order and replace light bulbs when necessary
  • Use proper bags or containers to contain trash, recyclables and yard waste so as to prevent the scattering of debris; larger items must be properly positioned to comply with the Town of Cary collection rules.
  • Place trash, recyclables and yard waste at the curbside the night before or the day of collection.

For other rules, please see the website or contact the Association.


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