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Exterior Painting Guidelines

Effective July 2002


See Rosewall Painting Color Chart

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The following are the general guidelines created by the Rosewall Building Committee and approved by the Board of Directors to assist Rosewall with the management of the annual exterior painting process.


Exterior painting.   Rosewall Townehomes Association, Inc. (“RTA”) is responsible for painting the exterior painted surfaces of each unit including exterior house walls, siding, trim, windows, shutters, pickets, handrails, gutters, downspouts, rear and side doors, and wood made part of the exterior wall, but Rosewall is not responsible for painting screen porches, decks, and screen porches.  Prior to painting, Rosewall will pressure wash the exterior of the units to remove dirt and mildew, and prepare the exterior by repairing damaged surfaces and caulking, scraping, puttying and spot priming as needed.


Decks and Porches.  Each homeowner is individually responsible for the costs of painting decking or porch ceilings, deck floors, and other painted areas inside a screen porch.  Owners are encouraged to use the services of the Rosewall painting contractor who provides the exterior painting services on the unit.   When the owner utilizes the Rosewall contractor, the owner is charged a fee directly by the contractor and pays directly to the contractor.


Front Doors.  Each owner is responsible for the painting of their front door in colors that compliment both their unit and the neighborhood.


Five year cycle.  Rosewall currently trys to follow a five year painting cycle as the HOA budget will allow. 


Single coat.  Rosewall is responsible for applying only one coat of paint for each house.  


Color – main exterior.   Each owner may choose the main exterior color for their unit by selecting a color from the approved Rosewall Painting Color Chart.  Each unit shall use only one main color.


Color – trim.   The color of all unit trim is white.  Trim includes handrails, pickets, windows, porch railing, pickets, handrails, gutters, downspouts, and rear and side doors.


Color – doors.  The Building Committee must approve in writing any color change to a front door.  The Building Committee is responsible for ensuring a consistent and complementary appearance throughout the Rosewall community.  The Building Committee shall not permit any color that fails to maintain the image, nature and character of the community. 


Color change.  If a unit requires more than one coat of paint as the result of a color change, the owner is responsible for the costs of all coats of paint after the first coat.


Rotating Colors.   No two contiguous units shall have the same color.  If two contiguous unit owners request the same color, each owner shall pick their number one and number two colors.   The RTH Board shall use a neutral random method to determine which house uses the number one choice and which use the number tow choice.  


Inspections.  Each owner is encouraged to periodically review and inspect the exterior of their home for repairs.  If an owner shall discover an exterior area needing repair, the owner shall promptly notify RTA by submitting a Repair Order Request form pursuant to the Rosewall Repair Policy.


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